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The talents are the most important sources to an enterprise, join us for mutual benefits...
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Talent policy
PAG aims at building up a industrial leading team and attracting more and more excellent talents. We deeply understand only the talents are the most unconvicible force to an enterprise. We are trying our best efforts to provide our staff a good stage for them to fully apply their capability.

Talent concept
Criterion for employees:
have both ability and moral integrity, with moral integrity as the priority
Employment system: pay much attention to the in-house training, encourage them for a long-term service.
To build a mutual beneficiary between enterprise and talents, advocate gain according to the pains, we persist in the system of the reasonable and competitive salary.
erspective of Talent:
The salary is based upon the contribution responsibility position, and technique.we insist on the rationality and rivalrousness of salary, and attract excellent talents to enhance our competitive power.

Employee Training
All the employees will take the training for preparing works and external development. It is the best valuable investment for carrying out the scientific training system, it is the most important channel to spread our company culture, it is the most important base to build up the team working. After years of hard work, we had built up an integrated training system, which applies itself to constructing of our team, so as to make our durative development come true.

Talent Policy
Talent Concept
Employee Training