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>>>PAG Export Reaches U.S. dollars 1 Million in the last half year...
>>>PAG Set up a new branch in Tokyo to further develope its overseas...
>>>Celebrating the Chinese Traditional Spring Festival in its headquarter...
>>>Our motto and pursuing for next 5 years is to continuously satisfying our.
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2) PAG Set up a new branch in Tokyo to further develope its overseas business.    
  On 25 Mar.2009, PAG set up its new branch office in Tokyo, which aims at further develope its overseas buiness. With the rapidly
developing of PAG's bag business and the authorization license of Disney brand, PAG has achieved a great success in
Japan market. In order to better serve its customers around Japan market, PAG set up its third branch office in Japan. The other
two branches were set up during the year 2003 and 2004.
3) Celebrating the Chinese Traditional Spring Festival in its headquarter located in Dongguan, China  
4) Our motto and pursuing fo next 5 years.      
  PAG set up its managing motto and company pursuing for next 5 years.
Trade with us
1) What is the trade terms and payment terms to do business with PAG?      
  We usually do business with the customers based on following terms:
PAYMENTS TERMS: L/C or T/T. (T/T is a must for air shipment and order amount below US&5000.00.
2) What is your banking information?    
  Please always contact your salesman for banking information of each business.